Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dad's Birthday Weekend

I haven't written a personal post in a while, so I figured it was about time!  This weekend we celebrated my dad's birthday.  It was a wonderful family filled weekend.  We do not get enough of that anymore!!  

We started the weekend in OKC at the Thunder game.  My mom surprised us with Suite tickets!  

My friend Alannah came with us... and her birthday was the next day!  So it was an all around birthday weekend!!

 Pretty sure mom will never be able to top this birthday gift!!

 And they came back to beat Memphis!  Perfect ending!!

The next night our family celebrated with cake, ice cream, and the Wii!
 KK and Claire

 Kari and I... I love this girl!

Kak and Micah tearing it up!!

Sunday night Claire came home and stayed the night with me!  I surprised her the next day by taking her to the studio (Montag) to do fairy princess pictures.  She was so excited!!!  It is a limited edition we have going on right now and it is so cute especially for girls her age.  Here is a little preview of the fun:

She LOVED the butterflies!! 

This limited edition is still going on!  If you are interested shoot me an email and I will tell you how!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well... and here's to the next! (seeing as how tomorrow is Friday!)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Precious Baby Presley: Tulsa Newborn Photographer

I am excited to introduce to you all sweet baby Presley!  She is one of them most beautiful babies I have ever seen!!!  So sweet and cuddly.... and she hardly ever cries!  (Except when I come over and make her mad!)  

This post is very special to me because Presley is the daughter of my dear friend, Tasha and her wonderful husband Beau!  If you have been reading this blog from the beginning you will know that they were my very first Wedding to photograph.  That was back in 2008, so you can imagine how excited I was to take little Miss Presley's pictures!!!  

So, enough talking... on to the pretties...

Isn't she just gorgeous???

Look at those rolls!!!  Oh my gosh!!!

Beau & Tasha... thank you so much for having me take your little princess's pictures!  You guys are truly blessed!

To see all the pictures from this session, please click HERE.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kevin & Jami: 3 Years

 I am so very excited with you to share this next session!!!
Jami & Kevin are not only my wonderful cousins but also my very close friends.  Kev... I know I have said it before, but I will continue to say it... thank you so much for marrying this wonderful woman!!!  Jami is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!  She is uplifting and encouraging and not to mention gorgeous!  I am so blessed to get to call her my bestie and that I get to work with here every day!
 See... gorgeous!  Both inside and out!  You may have heard me mention her before... she is an awesome graphic designer and helps me out with my retouching from time to time.

Kev's pretty awesome too!  Mostly because he is up for anything and has awesome ideas!  These two decided for their third anniversary they wanted to do a session with yours truly.  It initially was going to be a recreation of their wedding look, but turned into a vintage session instead.  I am beyond THRILLED about how these turned out!

This was the same suit Kev rented for their wedding!  

These two are amazing models!  My camera loves them!!

This next one was Kev's idea....

I am so thankful for the two of you and our friendship!  Thank you so much for continuing to allow me to be your photographer!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sweet Baby Laine: Tulsa Baby Photographer

I feel that I start out every blog post the same way... apologizing for absence.  It has come to be expected.  I am ashamed.

On to sweet baby Laine...

As I was preparing for this post I realized I never blogged Lisa's maternity session or Laine's newborn pix!  Wow am I a slacker!  So before I show you Laine's 6 month pictures (which I am super excited about!!!), I am going to show you a little glimpse from the two I slacked off on.
These are my absolute favorites from Lisa's maternity session!  Want to see more?  Here is the SLIDESHOW of them all!

And her newborn session has way to many for me to choose from!!!  So here is a little collage of some of my faves.  To see them all, click HERE.

Alright, now to the 6 Month pictures.  My has this little girl grown!!!

And of course we had to throw in some Christmas pix of everyone!

Lisa... thank you so much for having me do your kids pix!  I just love them to pieces!!!!